i-Lipo Ultra+ Skin Tightening Treatment

Skin laxity and sagging skin affects everyone and not only in the neck and facial areas but all parts of your body. You have tried topical creams, lotions, and exercise but nothing has helped the loose skin you are experiencing. Infrared laser vacuum massage is performed after each i-Lipo treatment to enhance lymphatic draining, mobilizing the released fat from the target area. This also enhances circulation in the area, promotes collagen growth and assists in the breakdown of fibrous cellulite tissue to achieve a slimmer, firmer and smoother looking skin. 8 treatments required for best results.   Take advantage of what the i-Lipo ultra+ can do for your loose skin. Please contact our staff for your free aesthetic consultation and we can go over your concerns. At Modern Essentials Med Spa your complete client satisfaction is our only goal and success is based upon giving you the results you expect not just treatments – see for yourself the difference!