i-Lipo Fat Reduction Treatment

an i-lipo machine

WINTER SPECIAL:  $99 per treatment. 8 total treatments required. 

It is our goal to keep you informed of the newest developments and treatment options available here at Modern Essentials Med Spa. We have the i-Lipo Laser Fat Releasing Technology available for our clients.  i-Lipo and i-Lipo Ultra+ can be booked together or separately depending on your specific needs.

Experience body contouring, cellulite reduction and a slimmer, tighter shape – all with no pain, no needles and no down time.

What is i-Lipo?

i-Lipo is the intelligent, non-surgical alternative to liposuction.
iLipo fat releasei-Lipo is an FDA approved technology for use as a non invasive dermatological aesthetic treatment for the reduction of circumference of hips, waist, and thighs. This is a non invasive body shaping laser weight loss treatment that shrinks fat cells beneath the skin. There are no incisions and the fat is removed through the body’s natural elimination process. The i-Lipo Protocol is very simple to follow and not uncomfortable in any way. You will receive a total of 8 treatments spread out over 4 weeks. Each session is less than 60 minutes while you lye comfortably in our treatment bed. After the treatment, patients can return to work immediately following the procedure, there is no down time. The results are natural looking and will appear gradually. In a randomized, controlled study, patients experienced an average weight loss of 3.64 inches from their waist, hip and thighs!

How i-Lipo Works

The i-Lipo low level lasers are released through the treatment pads, triggering a chemical signal in the fat cells that breaks down stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol, which are released through the cell membranes. Fat content is then transported around the body to t issues where it will be "burned off" during a period of post-treatment exercise. Exercise creates a demand in our bodies for extra energy. The body responds to this demand by re leasing stored fat content t o be used as fuel, but the release can come from anywhere in the body. Through the use of low level lasers, i-Lipo mimics the body's natural fat burning process, allowing you to target an area of your body for fat release even before you begin exercising.

Frequently Asked Questions

Treatments are structured into courses of eight. Your number of treatments, however, is determined at your consultation and is based on your requirements and goals. We suggest two treatments a week, over four weeks, to complete a course of treatments.
An i-Lipo laser weight loss treatment takes just 20 minutes. The length of time for your post-treatment exercise to "burn off" the free fatty acids is determined at your consultation and is based on your requirements and goals.
Most people feel very little during the treatment and find it comfortable and relaxing. The typical sensation felt is a slight warmth where the treatment pads are in contact with your skin.
i-Lipo can be used on both men and women and can treat all areas of the body except the female breasts. As with any treatment, people with certain medical conditions should not use i-Lipo. Your i-Lipo practitioner will go through a full medical questionnaire and consultation prior to the weight loss treatment in order to confirm suitability.
Yes. Independent clinical studies have shown i-Lipo to be completely safe with no side effects. The weight loss laser simply triggers a natural reaction of fat cell release. The process does not cause any damage and cells remain intact, just smaller, giving immediate results.
Results are long-term, provided your calorie intake and eating plan are stable, and you engage in regular exercise. Further treatments can be performed to correct diet indulgence or target another area of the body.
Often results can be seen immediately and improve with every treatment. Over the course of eight sessions, you can achieve dramatic reshaping of the body and reduction in cellulite.  

Laser Weight Loss Before & After Photos

laser weight loss before and afterlaser weight loss before and after side femalelaser weight loss before and after side femalelaser weight loss on buttock before and afterlaser weight loss before and after for a manlaser weight loss before and after laser weight loss before and after on a man's face